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"Making High Quality Audio Calls Possible"

Qaller extends the audio quality of your radio studio to include remote sites. Whether you  record interviews or broadcast live, the Qaller technology provides you with the best quality audio stream possible with the equipment and bandwidth available.



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High Quality Audio

Qaller uses state-of-the-art audio streaming technology to provide a high-quality audio link between your studio and remote contributors. With a Qaller Presenter login, you can invite anyone to join a call via SMS or e-mail.

Feature-Rich Interface

Not only does Qaller provide excellent audio quality, but also offers the features needed to efficiently manage and record audio streams.


The Qaller development team is available to support the service and advise on firewall configuration required for Qaller to work seamlessly.


How to use Qaller


Unlimited, High-Quality Calls

Great audio quality with no cap on the duration of the call.

Presenter driven

Using your presenter account, invite guests. Invitees only need to follow a link to join a your call. 

Be in Full Control

The presenter has full control of the audio channels.

Cough Button

Mute own microphone

Send Text Instructions to Remote

No need to use the audio channel to instruct a panel member to talk slower or wrap up a question. Simply send a short text message.


Works on Desktop and Mobile, No need to install special software.

Easy Audio Call Setup Procedure

Invitees simply click on a link in an email or SMS and get connected.

Monitor Own and Remote
Audio Levels

Monitor own and remote audio levels through a separate, calibrated ("-90dB to 0dB") level indicator.

Selectively Mute Remote Microphones

Mute panel member microphones selectively.

Get Attention

See a waving hand when a panel member wants to draw your attention.


Send Email or SMS Invitations to invitees.

Group Calls

Include multiple invitees in a single panel discussion.

Set Own and Remote
Audio Levels

Boost low audio levels and attenuate distortion with a calibrated slider from -10db to +10 dB.

Selectively Mute Remote

Mute panel member speakers selectively.

Record Interviews

Start, pause and stop recording. Recordings can be downloaded in MP3 format.

Missed Notifications

See who just tried to call.


Coming soon...

Features that the team is working on:

Studio Call-in Button

Have a 'Call-in' button on your website that directly links to a Qaller session.

Green Room

Test your audio equipment before going live.


Contact Us

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41 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Technopark
Pretoria, 0020, South Africa

Tel :+27 12 030 0141