High Quality Calls

Great audio quality from interviewees. Sounds like they're right there in the studio.

Use a Browser

No need to install special software.


Send Email or SMS Invitations to invitees.

Easy Audio Call Setup Procedure

Invitees simply click on link in email or SMS and get connected.

Group Calls

Include multiple invitees in a single panel discussion.

Be in Full Control

The presenter has full control of the audio channels.

Monitor Own and Remote Audio Levels

Monitor own and remote audio levels through a separate, calibrated ("-90dB to 0dB") level indicator.

Set Own and Remote Audio Levels

Boost low audio levels and attenuate distortion with a calibrated slider from -10db to +10 dB.

Cough Button

Mute own microphone

Selectively Mute Remote Microphones

Mute panel member microphones selectively.

Selectively Mute Remote Speakers

Mute panel member speakers selectively.

Send Text Instructions to Remote

Stop using the audio channel to instruct a panel member to talk slower or wrap up a question. Simply send a short text message.

Get Attention

See a waving hand when a panel member wants to draw your attention.

Record Interviews

Start, pause and stop recording

Missed Notifications

See who just tried to call.